The 7 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses You Need To Know


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Every day, dozens of new computer viruses or malware appear and impair the functioning of your computer or the use you make of it.

Many of them are computer attacks by hackers who try to take over files, data, or other types of information that are stored on your computer, in order to gain an improper profit from it. And that is exactly what happens if you are not well-prepared and informed to stop it.

In this sense, we have prepared a list of the 7 most dangerous types of computer viruses that you should be aware of. By knowing them, you will be better prepared to deal with the traps and scams of those who are always on the lookout and eager to harm you. Read on for your own safety!

Types of Infectious Viruses:

There are two types of infectious viruses that stand out:

-Rapid infectors: these are the ones that seek to cause the greatest possible damage in a short period of time. They are usually used a lot in cybercrimes, as they result in immediate losses.

-Slow infectors: these are the ones that cause damage in the medium, long-term. They are more difficult to discover because their action is not noticeable at the moment. Martinelli is, for example, from WhatsApp viruses you need to watch out for.

The worst scenario that can be seen with resident viruses is when they are connected to the antivirus, ultimately affecting all files that the respective software scans. To remove this virus, a security patch is needed to correct known vulnerabilities in the operating system.



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