How Would You Know That Your Computer Is Hacked


Although the past has its share of horrors and crises, it used to be more peaceful than our present reality. Privacy and security are ironically the two words used to refer to issues which the latest tech is supposed to solve.

But it seems that the advent of artificial intelligence and new web technologies have made things even worse for users in particular. Your data, life, personal info, private conversations, money, bank account…etc are all endangered by the ghosts in the wires who are of course the hackers.

People who are into the newest technology might stand for hacking like a good way to punish the corrupted rich folks according to some ethical hacking book. But the origin of hacking reveals that it is a cyber crime that threatens individualistic privacy and personal data safety.

Cybercriminals are like any other criminals, who would use anything against you or steal your data to be used in their dark web activities.

Some people might be good at using and protecting their cellphones and top smartphones from hackers but how about their computers? How would anyone tell that his or her computer is hacked? Keep reading to find out the answer.



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