Here Are the Latest technologies That Will Rock Your World In 2020!


It’s only a few months before 2020 hits our doors, bringing a number of technological advances that will further ease our lives.

New technologies, from Artificial Intelligence, automation, healthcare technologies, to computing are expanding and growing faster than ever and next year is anticipated to be the year that will witness several upgrades to these technologies that will benefit humanity.

In 2020 and beyond, we might get to see AI robots and AI assistants that no longer need human intervention, and better versions of the famous robot, “Sophia,” that have the ability to make complex or even conscious decisions!

While AI technology and other technologies have raised concern and debates across the globe due to their potential threat to the human race, there is no denying that they are currently fascinating to witness.


#1 – 5G data


Although the 5th generation internet network technology has already made a buzz across the world among manufacturers and consumers alike, the network’s affordability and full coverage in the US and other countries won’t be available until 2020.

The 5G connection will beat 4G in terms of speed, hotspot capacity, energy efficiency, security, and coverage capacity that is confirmed to be 10 times greater. 5G towers are capable of transmitting signals over 1,000 square miles and support one million devices per square meters—way more than 4G which supports 100,000 devices per square kilometer.

5G data will not only allow users to make speedy search and play lightening-fast videos in HD quality but also speed up communication and expand data transmission to smart technologies like self-driving cars and drones.

#2 – Voice technology

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It is anticipated that by 2020, there will be improvements to voice assistants that will no longer require wake words such as “Hey Siri,” “Alexa” or “Ok Google,” to start a conversation which has proved to be quite a hassle.

Instead, you just have to ask the question or command without repeating the wake words and Alexa or Siri will give you the information you want instantly.

For the next 10 years, however, it’s predicted that voice technology will no longer be limited to basic tasks like navigation, question-answer, phone calls and activities like email management, etc. A.I. assistants will start to sound more like humans than AI.

The voice assistants will be able to analyze your emotions, mimic your accent, match the volume of your voice, and hold conversations using emotive words.


#3 – Personalized medicine/ 3D printing


Personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine, is a game-changer in the medical field, allowing doctors to tailor treatment to the individual patient to fight off conditions and diseases such as cancer, based on the patient’s genetic make-up.

This groundbreaking medical service is still not accessible to all, however it is expected to become more sufficient by the year 2020 and the coming years.

On the other hand, the implementation of tech trends like 3D printing in the medical field will prove to be quite beneficial in the medical field starting next year.

3D printing will allow medical experts to print bionic body parts and medical and laboratory equipment which will save time, speed up treatment, and reduce costs spent on importing medical devices.

#4 – Automation


All types of automation —fixed automation, programmable automation, and flexible automation — make our lives easier and easier as the years go by; they increase productivity, consistency and quality of production, and perform works that are hazardous to human workers.

The world expects to witness updates to automated manufacturing, automated banking, and automated driving by next year.

Autonomous or self-driving vehicles, in particular, will become fully autonomous, meaning that they will no longer require human intervention and, instead, will become intelligent enough to find you, pick you up, and take you to your chosen destination, as Elon Musk, technology engineer and CEO of Tesla automotive company, promised.

Much like AI, automation will become capable of making complex decisions similar to those humans.

Whether the development of AI technology will have a bad impact on society and destroy the fate of humanity, as scientists and great minds like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have warned, only time will truly tell.


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