Here Are 5 Cool Things To Do With Your PC!


When you look for things to do on your computer or for the easiest and most useful ways to use it, you realize that technology has indeed made life as complicated as it made it easier!

Nevertheless, we always find the most innovative solutions to our problems no matter how tiny or big they are. This, of course, includes computer problems.

Whether it had to do with helping you find the most useful programs and apps that can help you with different issues like resetting a lost password, finding accurate statistics about a region you want to move to, finding sites and tools that can help you with your finances and apps that can install multiple apps like Skype or Dropbox in one go, and even sites that can download HD videos, this list will suggest you five cool and useful things to do on your PC!

#1 – Know your neighborhood


With a simple click, you can find out about how safe and civilized the neighborhood or town you want to move to is.

Discover the crime rate in neighborhoods around the world by visiting the National Audit Office’s website. Select the country and region you want to know about, enter the postcode information, and select any of the sections, ‘Crime,’ ‘Health,’ or ‘education.’

You will receive statistics about life expectancy in the region you’re interested in, crime figures, educational institutions, and health services.


#2 – Download highest-quality videos


You might have tried many websites to convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 formats, like Online Video Converter, KeepVid, or YouTube2video, but noticed that not all the videos you downloaded were in HD quality.

Obviously, that is because YouTube automatically changes the quality of the videos or the HD option is just simply not available!

If you have a fast internet connection and you want YouTube to always play and download high-definition videos, you can access the setting page, select “Always play HD when available” and YouTube will automatically play and let you upload HD videos.

Or, you can go to the YouTubeKepp page via this address:, and download any videos you want in whatever quality you choose.

#3 – Manage your money


You can use free websites like, FutureAdvisor, and MoneyStrands to analyze your expenses, keep track of your spendings, and create a budget.

● is an application that is on top of all personal and family budgeting services. It provides detailed charts and features that are easy to use on both smartphone and desktop. You can download the app on your PC or phone from Play Store and Apple Store.

● You also have the option to use MoneyStrands to access your financial situation in real-time, plan your spendings, and learn more about your financial management attitude. MoneyStrands is also available on Play Store and Apple Store.

● FutureAdvisor provides a more in-depth analysis concerning your financial situation, helps you minimize investment fees, prepares your personal portfolio, and advises you about how to handle your future financial goals.

Other useful financial management apps to download on your PC are SavvyMoney and Betterment.


#4 – Crack Your Forgotten Windows passwords


Do not panic yet! There are some useful tools that you can use to reset your forgotten log-in passwords on your computer or notebook.

Use Ophcrack, a free program that cracks Windows passwords. There are two versions of Ophcrack to download: Ophcrack XP and Ophcrack Vista which works better with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

If the passwords you want to reset are on your computer, burn the downloaded Ophcrack file into a CD, or transfer it to a USB flash drive if you are using a notebook, and boot the device from the CD or USB.

When your computer finishes booting, Ophcrack will automatically start cracking user passwords.

#5 – Install several apps at once

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You can download applications in one go on your PC, by simply installing Ninite.

Ninite allows you to download applications like VLC, Skype, DropBox, and iTunes in their latest versions and updates in their default locations all at the same time.

Ninite will not bother you with too many options and toolbars. It can install up to 64-bit apps in your PC’s language or any language you choose while installing.

To have an even more comfortable experience and save more time, Ninite recommends you to skip all reboot requests from installers.

Those were the five most useful things to do on your computer, whether for entertainment like downloading videos or in the case of an emergency like forgetting your password!


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