8 Stupid Mistakes You Do That Will Destroy Your Electronics!


We all love technology and in spite of everything that has been said technology has a great effect on the modern world. Things that were considered impossible are now easy with phones, laptops and so on.

What’s funny is that even though we spend a lot of money on these gadgets it doesn’t take us too long before we start to neglect them and treat them like a dirty pair of socks. We spend 800 dollars on a phone and a week later we’re dropping it, throwing it and just overall treat them with less care over time.

However, we have prepared for you a list of some bad habits that are destroying your phone. You might not even be aware that you’re doing these things so take a look.

#1 – Charging Phone Overnight

Smartphone batteries don’t last that long. This is no surprise. In a world where companies openly say they’re slowing down our old phones on purpose so we can buy the new one, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that these batteries don’t last either.

Most phones possess a lithium-ion battery. These batteries charge a lot faster and that might seem good to you but it’s the ultimate trap! Our phone can get completely charged within an hour, however, we leave it charging overnight.

I understand it’s easier and this way you wake up with a fully charged phone and having to wake up in the middle of the night to unplug is just a big no. However, when you leave your phone charging for such a long time, it will overheat and as time goes by it will damage your battery.

Also, remember that people used to say “Wait until your new phone hits 0 before you charge it”. That’s completely wrong. You should charge your phone when you have about 10 to 20 or even 30% battery, this will help preserve the capacity of the battery. Why?

Well, basically full discharges wear out the battery sooner than partial discharges. You should avoid using cheap chargers and charging your phone with the case on so it won’t overheat as much, putting it in a fresh balcony could be a good idea too.

Side note: don’t ever sleep with your phone charging under or next to your pillow, it’s very dangerous.

#2 – Taking Your Smartphone To The Toilet

I know this one might sound dumb but we all have done it. Bathroom time is way more fun with your phone. You can shower while watching your favorite videos, hear some music.

However, bathrooms contain a lot of germs that you do not want to go near your phone, because you wash, but you never wash your phone (you can, but you don’t). So think of it like this, you might be clean but as soon you touch your phone or take a call and put it next to your face, well, you’re not clean anymore.

Our phones contain so many germs, after all, we walk with them everywhere, put them on restaurant tables and all types of places.

We can avoid these germs by cleaning our phones or simply be more careful and not taking them to the bathroom, what if it falls on the toilet? It’s a possibility! Also, our time in the bathroom goes from 10 minutes to 1 hour real quick with our phones. Think about the time you would be saving!

#3 – Household Cleaning Products

There are two types of cleaning products, the first one is specially designed for smartphones and other gadget screens such as microfiber cloths and special sprays. And then there are cleaning products meant for your house.

It might say it “cleans everything” but that’s not the case! These products contain chemicals that can damage your screen and phone. Making you buy another one really soon. Not to mention (I already mentioned above but I will reinforce this idea), your phone needs to be cleaned!

Not just internally, although that’s really useful, you should always keep it clean on the inside and outside. Remember the germs!

#4 – Overheating Your Gadget

Yes overheating is something that’s very problematic to our gadgets lives. Leaving your phone in your car, or just at the beach, with the sun reflecting right on that screen… Isn’t that great?

It probably made you think about those good days at the beach, but you know what’s not so good? Your phone exploding. Yea.

Not to be dramatic or anything but you know that’s a possibility, right? Of course, it probably won’t ever happen but seriously, stop leaving your phone in hot places. I’m not saying put it in the freezer but also try to make it last longer by taking good care of it.


#5 – Anti-Virus Protection

Neglecting Updates, not using anti-virus, you’re just making sure your computer dies and never comes back to life. Anti-virus is the basic software we’ve been using since the first computers came out. It’s important because it makes sure your computer is safe, what’s so bad about that? Updates, I agree, they might be boring but don’t you want your computer to evolve with you? Keep up with your high standards? Well then stop clicking the “not now” and schedule it for when you’re sleeping (yes you can do that duh). Protect and update!

#6 – Eating At Your Keyboard

Guilty! We all do this when we’re having lunch or dinner, or just overall eating. We eat in front of the screen. Whether it’s a TV or a computer or even a smartphone. We enjoy entertainment and for some reason when we eat we feel the need to watch something.

If you look down at your keyboard you’ll probably see some dust and little bread crumbs hidden in your keyboard, and once they’re gone. they’re gone. You can’t clean it! Those little pieces of food can even affect the tracking on your touchpad or mouse.

So be careful when you eat near your computer. Don’t even think about having liquids near it either. That’s a mess you won’t be able to clean for sure!


#7 – Not Using A Case?

This one is confusing. Cases are good and bad for your phone. And honestly, people are kind of divided on this subject.

You should definitely use a cape because it protects your phone, your phone has no germs (just the cover that you can easily wash) and there’s a lot of different cool cases you can wear whenever you feel bored about your basic phone aspect.

On the other hand, it can add a little more volume and weight that you don’t appreciate, it also can cause your phone to overheat more. In my opinion, cases are always the best option, just remove them when you’re charging your phone.

#8 – Do Not Put Your Laptop On Your Knees!

It may sound ridiculous because we all do this, and don’t worry it’s not going to explode! Actually, it might, but only if your computer is burning up, and if you feel it burning you’ll probably remove it from your lap (i think).

But seriously, do not keep it on your lap, try to put it in a table or those stands made specifically for laptops with fans and all of that. Otherwise, it might damage your battery cause they can’t stand overheating. And having a computer on your lap contributes to bad posture. So sit straight and work on a table like a normal person!

Now that you’ve learned all the mistakes that are killing your phone and the worst tech habits you should try to make an improvement since these items cost a lot of money the best thing we can do is treat them with care so they’ll last longer.


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