6 Amazing Gadgets You Will Want To Buy In 2020!


After an intense 2019 where the first foldable smartphones entered the market and smart home devices have gone mainstream (even the Swedish furniture giant IKEA is extending their smart products selection after the success of their Symfonisk collection, a collaboration with Sonos to provide smart home speakers), tech enthusiasts all around the world must be excited to see what 2020 brings.

And every new year begins with promises of new great and possibly revolutionary products in the tech industry. Some of them are revealed in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where each January the main brands give a sneak peek of what they have prepared for the new year.

Here are some of the gadgets that you will be eager to buy in 2020. Sadly, none of them are the flying cars that 90s children thought would be available by now. We may have to wait another 30 years for them if everything goes well.



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