11 Mistakes You Are Probably Doing With Your iPhone


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You might think that you have got quite a fairly solid understanding of your iPhone and of how it works because you had it since the very beginning.

But guess what? You are probably wrong as according to some experts and Apple Stuff, many consumers make basic mistakes that often result in a costly repair.

However, to help you avoid these mistakes, we have collected 11 pieces of valuable advice.

You Should Only Use The Original Charger

One of the very common mistakes that most of the consumers often make is using a fake charger. If you are one of them, then, it’s time to stop! Using a fake charger can lead to very sad results According to Apple Stuff, a fake charger can drive your phone crazy and you will eventually find it quite hard to control it!

In addition to this, a fake charger can also set your phone on fire or even worse make it explode. Therefore, it is definitely not a good idea! So, in case you are at your friend’s place and you run out of battery, make sure they have an original one.

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